Western Windows offers a wide variety of high performance durable and attractive aluminium casement window systems. We have capitalised our experience of construction techniques to form a division within the company to offer commercial aluminium systems. With many years experience in the field of commercial aluminium, Western designs, manufactures and installs aluminium systems which can be used on a wide range of new or refurbishment works including residential, educational and light commercial applications. Standard or ‘soft line’ transoms, mullions and outer frames are available to achieve a traditional or contemporary appearance.

Benefits include:

  • Can be internally or externally beaded
  • Chamfered or ‘soft line’ profiles available to achieve traditional or contemporary appearance
  • Standard or heavy duty options available


Fully Reversible

The Reversible Window System has a wide range of applications where clients wish to incorporate windows that can be safely and completely reversed for cleaning. Reversible sashes incorporate hardware which ensures balanced operation in use and safety catches prevent inadvertent reversal. The reversing action does not interfere with items around the window, such as curtains, objects placed on window boards or reveals. Vents are hung on top of overswing hinges with integral restrictors, which engage at initial opening stops and fully reversed positions for safe cleaning.


Sliding Windows

Our sliding windows share the same slim sightlines, easy functionality and dual colour capability as the rest of the window range with the added benefit of providing ventilation without projecting vents. Vertical sliding sashes may be specified with anti-ligature hardware and a slider restrictor offering releasable, locking or permanent options, making sliding windows the perfect solution for applications such as hospitals, schools or other security-conscious environments.

Window Wall

Window Wall has been designed to offer a cost-effective alternative to curtain walling for facades of up to two storeys and offers a series of unique benefits. The visual consistency of the mullion and outer-frame sightlines provide an attractive design solution for projects featuring large runs of glazing such as apartments and offices. Window Wall offers the strength needed for facades yet it remains as easy to install as ground floor framing or traditional windows. The system can be pre-assembled and glazed in the factory to minimise on-site costs and time. Window Wall is also simple to glaze and re-glaze making it ideal for schools and public buildings.


Curtain Walling

Curtain walling provides architects and designers with the perfect way to create a stunning building façade. Glass and aluminium invariably combine to deliver a glittering array that is the epitome of modern construction. Western Building Systems can assist in meeting the technical, aesthetic and economic challenges that are associated with such building projects.