Western has been delivering traditional build projects for over 30 years. The traditional method of construction, Concrete block has been a popular building material for centuries.

There are many good reasons to use concrete block for building. Concrete block is an extremely flexible building material. Building with concrete block means you have the flexibility to do just about anything you want. Whether it be a one- story home or a three story home with such options as columns, arches, high ceilings and tall windows concrete block provides the needed flexibility for every type of job.

Traditional Build

If this is your preferred method of construction Western Homes can ensure your new home is virtually soundproof, and as manufacturers and installers of Western’s A-rated windows and doors we will insure your home is well sealed and well insulated. At Western we will insulate against cold and heat, and help your home use less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures.


Combined with more modern methods of construction we can ensure the exterior of your concrete block home can look modern, trendy or traditional. We will be happy to discuss your exact requirements.

Our expertise, project management and building approach deliver homes of the highest standards. Our customers often comment on the desire of our people to go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of the project is completed within time, on budget and exceeds their expectations. Our clients benefit from excellent project management, build expertise and quality build materials.

Traditional Build