Our Next Generation Timber Frame Modular Houses share the same benefits as traditional timber frame and are the most sustainable form of construction available to us and without question, delivers the most thermally efficient, cost effective and safe method of construction.

Modular construction units comprise of pre-finished timber framed module systems, which – when linked together – create finished buildings. These fabricated systems include mechanical and electrical services as well as internal and external finishes, all manufactured in our quality controlled environment.

This specialist process consists of multiple modules or sections which are manufactured at our facility and then delivered to their intended site of use. The greatest customer benefit with this type of construction is a guaranteed fixed price and completion date, adding extra comfort that your mortgage or bank loan will not stretch beyond your set budget. Furthermore we can advise you in planning and building control requirements and how to apply for your mortgage, leaving the whole process ‘hassle free

Design Flexibility of Modular Housing

Modular housing construction allows for hundreds of options and design possibilities and at Homes By Western we will work with you to determine the type and design of modular home that best suits your needs. We’ll generally offer a wide range of house plans to choose from in a variety of styles and will also offer you a range of options to customise the home you select.

And in doing so you can modify or upgrade your general construction specifications, design your own floor plans and elevations, pick the style of windows or kitchen, choose colours of counter tops and tiles…. The possibilities are endless.

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Speed of Modular Construction & Reduced Building Time

Because our modular homes are typically built in about 1/3 the time needed to construct a site-built home, with careful planning you can often be in your new home within weeks of placing an order. This is because overall building time is reduced by concurrent site work and home construction. (This also allows for reduced interest on construction financing). In addition, Western’s highly skilled work force has years of experience in the building industry and works year round within our factory. This means that there are no delays from ‘no-show subcontractors’ which can often be the case with a site-built home.


Modular Home are Better Quality Construction

Because our modular homes are built within our quality controlled purpose built factory, we are able to utilise tools unavailable to the site builder such as custom manufactured jigs which ensure that all walls, floors and ceilings are square and plumb. Each of our homes undergoes a strict Quality Control process at each stage of construction, in controlled conditions that are never affected by the elements. Before we begin construction, all building plans will be reviewed and approved. When sections or modules are complete, the quality inspection ensures the home has been manufactured in conformance with the approved plans and complies with the building regulation.

Stringent Building Control

All our Modular Timber Frame Houses are built to the same building control requirements used by conventional site-builders. As noted above, our inspection process will certify that each home has been manufactured in conformance with the approved plans and complies with all building requirements for the location where the home will be erected.

The Energy Efficiency of Modular Housing

Quality engineering and the latest construction techniques significantly increase the energy-efficiency of our modular homes. This ensures each of our homes will be economical to own and comfortable to live in regardless of the weather. In addition, our structure allows more insulation to be placed in the wall, thereby ensuring greater energy efficiency. Finally, Western modular homes have much less air infiltration, which is one of the largest causes of heat loss in a home. The fact that our homes are constructed in a factory allows us to place more sealants in problem areas that site builders have no access to.