As we continue to adapt to substantial industry changes over the coming years with the onset of sustainable homes legislation and energy related planning requirements it is important that you have the right construction company which can use its cross business experience to try and help you through these challenges.

Western Homes was founded to provide this unrivalled level of service to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the housing market. By focusing on this market, Western Homes is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the highest quality housing options at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on achieving the highest levels of performance, within conventional budgets.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to deliver a service that is built around the adoption of best practice, from initial enquiry to project completion and handover. The experience of our team allows us to be able to provide professional advice on materials and products to suit individual housing requirements. In what can be a complex market we are continually looking to improve processes and aim to ensure that day-to-day operational procedures are straightforward, robust and transparent. We not only offer solutions for eco-homes, off-site manufactured products and modern methods of construction, we are also continually looking to develop our design and manufacturing services to achieve all round product efficiency in terms of both ecology and price.